Note: It appears that this article was written after the meeting held at the Rutland Church on March 27, 1911.   Minutes of this meeting are included in the official record of the church.

     As far as we can learn, the church was built in the year of 1852, by the United Brethren in Christ and is one of the oldest church in Dane county.

     The branch of the United Brethren at Rutland then consisted of a class of about 65 members with W. T. Bunton as pastor, John C. Hanan, class leader, Joseph DeJanes Taylor Valentine and A. G. Newton as trustees.

     The lumber from which the church was built was part taken from the neighboring woods and sawed into lumber at the local mill on the David Anthony farm. The rest was hauled by ox teams from Stoughton, as that was the nearest railroad station at that time.

     The land on which the church stands and also what is now occupied by the cemetery, was part of the farm bought by David Anthony from the government at $1.25 per acre, in the year 1846, and was sold to the United Brethren for $10.

     Since then the church as been used as a place of worship and many of the present residents of Rutland and surrounding places remember the church with many pleasant memories.

     Recently the church nd property was sold to the Cemetery Association to be used in connection with the cemetery and for funerals, religious services and other moral purposes.

     The funds for buying the church were donated by persons interested in keeping the church as a memento of the work of their forefathers and a monument of pioneer days.

     The persons who contributed in this fund and amounts are given below:

     $5.00–F. M. Ames, Duane Glidtien(?), Mrs. Almeran Eager, Fred R. Graves, David C. Anthony, Lena Anthony, Chas. Anthony, H. L. B. Gorman, D. T. Hanan, Chas. DeJanes, Morrison Bros., W. C. Barrows, Alma Family, C. W. Waterman, Frank Newton, H. S. Smith, W. K. Sholts, Arthur Sholts, Wm. Houtby, C. R. Johnson, Arthur Johnson, Homer Sholts, Dr. Carl Sholts, Mrs. M. V. Sholts, Chas. Newcomb, D. A. Anthony, W. S. Bell, George and Mrs. R. W. King.

     $3.00–D. R. Meloy, Geo. Sholts.

     $2.50–Amy Nichols.

     $2.00–F. H. Anderson, J. V. Collins, E. M. Wilder Lumber Co., John Odegard, Owen Roberts, Virgil Hopkins, W. M. Van Wormer, H. C. Rasmussen, Geo. Prichard Estate, F. A. Phillips, W. J. Bossingham, Orin Alma, Urbin DeJanes, H. E. Waterman, Andrew Knudson, Mrs. Anna Emmes.

     $1.00–Leland Graes, M. L. Mason, Roberts Sisters, Park Ames, H. D. Hanson, E. A. Smith, L. M. Burt, L. E. Claflin, Phillip Wachman, H. A. Miller, Joe Millspaugh, M. C. Karmgard, Floyd Smith, John Baker, Ralph Smith, E. E. Combs, Geo. McGee, Miller & Winn, V. A. Axtell, R. Gillman and Son, Biglow and Roderick, J. H. Meyer & Co., W. D. Groh, C. H. Walker, G. W. Seeman, E. W. White, R. E. Shuster, F. A. Baker & Co., Robt, Hartley, Bank of Evansville, N. T. Slauson, Helgerson & Park, Dr. J. W. Ames, L. Van Wort, M. L. Ellis, W. H. Johnson, T. C. Richmond, V. C. Holmes, A. E. Hart, E. Record & Sons, Evansville Electric Co., Davis Bros., Byron King, O. F. Flint, Wm. Sholts, Addie Anthony, Willis Sholts, Ruben Heehrer.

     .50 cents–Chas. Tolles.

     The Cemetery Association wishes to extend their thanks to all persons who helped with money and labor in securing the church for the benefit of the public and the upbuilding of mankind.

     If any errors have been made in this account or if any person's name who contributed has been left out of this list, we will thank you to call our attention to it and we will rectify the mistake, or if any other person wishes to contribute to this fund, itwill be thankfully received.

     We wish especially to thank Mr. And Mrs. F. M. Ames for their help and also Fred M. Schlimgen of Madison for $10.00 for the upkeep of the cemetery.

     What money is left after paying the the church will be used in repairing the church and fencing and platting part of the land for cemetery purposes.

          Yours Very truly,

          Rutland Center Cemetery Association
          Frank Newton, Secretary
          R. F. D. 2
          Oregon, Wis.

Funds for Buying the Church
   (Taken from above article)


$ .50